Ruocheng, Eva, and Edward presented their research at the CMSZH Graduate School Retreat 2022.
06 January 2022
Johann gave a talk on Going beyond the harmonic approximation using density functional theory-based molecular dynamics at the CECAM workshop on Capturing Anharmonic Vibrational Motion in First-Principles Simulations
08 December 2021
Johann successfully defended his thesis on Spectroscopy with Real-Time Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory - Linear Response and Gauge. Congrats 🎉
30 November 2021
Johann's graduation hat

Johann and Sandra just published Recent Progress in the Simulation of Chiral Systems with Real Time Propagation Methods in Helvetica Chimica Acta.
29 October 2021
Sandra was interviewed by Dr. Maria Grazia Giuffreda from the Swiss national supercomputing center.
28 October 2021
An article about Sandra was published in the Beobachter magazine.
22 October 2021
Eva has won a poster prize at the 2nd AttoChem Conference!
15 October 2021
We have an open PostDoc position. Apply here!
06 October 2021
Fabrizio and Sandra published on "Water-Assisted Chemical Route Towards the Oxygen Evolution Reaction at the Hydrated (110) Ruthenium Oxide Surface" in Chemistry-A European Journal
06 September 2021
Fabrizio and Sandra published on "Explicit Solvent Effect on (110) Ruthenium Oxide Surface" in Applied Surface Science
05 September 2021
We have an open PhD position!
03 September 2021
We moved to the brand new UZI5 building!
31 August 2021
Eine moderne Arbeitsumgebung für die Forschenden. (Bild: Luca Zanier, Rüti ZH)

Momir gave a talk entitled ∆SCF for Efficient Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics in Condensed Phase Systems at the International Conference on Photochemistry - 30th Edition
20 July 2021
Talk at the WP4 meeting of the NCCR catalysis
16 July 2021
Momir gave a talk at the cecamEvents workshop.
15 June 2021
Ruocheng and Sandra published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
01 June 2021
Sandra gave a talk titled Dynamic Approaches for Spectroscopy in the Condensed Phase at the CMTC Mini-Symposium Quantum Embedding Methods.
5 May 2021
Sandra was selected as recipient of the 2021 Coblentz Award, the Society's most prestigious award. Sandra is honoured as an outstanding young molecular spectroscopist.
14 June 2021
Momir gave a talk titled ΔSCF for Efficient Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics in Condensed Phase Systems at the Virtual International Seminar on Theoretical Advancements (VISTA)
14 April 2021
Sandra Luber was appointed as associate professor for computational chemistry at UZH.
01 April 2021
We are part of the newly founded NCCR Catalysis Project.
27 March 2021
Edward, Chandan and Sandra published in the Journal of Chemical Physics
12 March 2021
Mauro and Sandra published in Organic Letters.
11 March 2021
Mauro, Rangsiman and Sandra published in CHIMIA
01 March 2021