• May 2021 (D. Ojha is missing)

  • May 2021 (D. Ojha is missing)

  • October 2018

  • March 2018

Group Leader

Sandra Luber ✉️ Professor

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Group Members

Momir Malis ✉️ PostDoc

Research Interest: Nonadiabatic molecular dynamics, surface hopping, and method implementation

Chandan Kumar ✉️ PostDoc

Research Interest: Delta Self-Consistent Field (ΔSCF) and method implementation

Fabrizio Creazzo ✉️ PostDoc

Research Interest: Oxygen evolution reaction (OER) on metal oxide surface and DFT-MD

Johann Mattiat ✉️ PhD Student

Research Interest: RT-TDDFT, Raman spectra calculation, and method implementation

Ruocheng Han ✉️ PhD Student

Research Interest: Post Hartree-Fock methods and machine learning for quantum chemistry

Edward Ditler ✉️ PhD Student

Research Interest: Density Functional Perturbation Theory, and method implementation

Eva Vandaele ✉️ PhD Student

Research Interest: Photocatalyst, nonadiabatic molecular dynamics, and surface hopping

Lukas Schreder ✉️ PhD Student

Research Interest: Maximally localized Wannier functions, Real-Time propagation, and method implementation

Rangsiman Ketkaew ✉️ PhD Student

Research Interest: Metadynamics, deep learning, non-adiabatic electron transfer, and catalysis

Anna Kelemen ✉️ PhD Student

Research Interest: Quantum dynamics, real-time methods, and nonlinear spectroscopy

Group Assistant

Fabienne Stutz ✉️ Assistant


Deepak Ojha - PostDoc (2021)

Ilia Sivkov - PostDoc (2021)

Mauro Schilling - PhD Student (2020), Postdoc (2020)

Federico Mellini - Master Student (2020)

Mauricio Rodríguez-Mayorga - PostDoc (2019)

Karrar Al-Ameed - PostDoc (2019)

Tomáš Zimmermann - PostDoc (2019)

Katharina Rempfer - PhD Student (2019)

Rahele Rostamian - Guest Researcher (2019)

Michael Boehler - Master student (2017)

Alejandro Diaz Marquez - Graduate student (2017)